Thursday, April 28, 2011

Duluth Bound for the Weekend!

I've been looking forward to this weekend for a while now and it's finally here.  The steal head run is still in full swing and with the help of friends and online fishing forums I am ready for it. 

The plan is to attack the Lester River from its mouth on lake superior, upstream as far as the upper pools.  Using mid-weight fly rods, small hooks and yarn incognito as spawn sacks, a couple feet up from the hook we are going to run indicators to help us notice the light bites.  With an early start and some help from the weather we should be able to have some success.  It's still early in the season so there won't much vegetation or insects for the fish to eat but just in case the bites are far and few in-between, I am packing some of my mid-season lures to differ the presentation and hopefully produce some strikes. 
Being a rookie to style of fly-fishing in the Duluth area I have my fingers crossed and hope for some beginners luck. 

Hoping for some good fortunes so I can boast about the weekend but I shouldn't get my hopes up to high as I know even the best can bet skunked.  Worst comes to worst the guys and I enjoy the scenery while choking down a wild cat or two.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

OutDoor Doer: Musky Fishing is just around the Corner

OutDoor Doer: Musky Fishing is just around the Corner: "Open water fishing is approaching, time to think about what you need to get done to be ready. After last years season your tackle box is..."

Musky Fishing is just around the Corner

Open water fishing is approaching, time to think about what you need to get done to be ready.  After last years season your tackle box is probably a mess and its time to start organizing and figuring out what's missing from all of last years action.

Just like in years past you leave a few lures that never get touched in there, just for a day when nothing seems to work, ah what the hell nothings working so why not throw out this old lazy ike.

As I go through my lures I always seem to be missing a ton of spinners and dare devils.  I don't like to buy cheap spinners, so it's always a bit depressing realizing the amount of money needed to get re-stocked to be ready for all the different situations.

I was talking to my friend Andrew about this and he told me he has started making his own musky lures as they are really expensive to purchase, on average they cost 20 bucks, if not more.  It is a smart idea especially for someone who has more time than money to stop buying those expensive lures and start making your own at home.  Not only is it cost effective but you also get to personalize your lure selection, to what you believe works best, as everyone has lure presentation preferences.

All the lures shown here are made by Andrew, he chose what he considers deadly colors for musky fishing and designed them to produce lots of vibration in the water, as that's what attracts the fish of 10,000 casts.  He has plans to make many more lures, making his own lures has become another aspect of fishing for him and is something to take pride in, as you reel in that fish, you know your presentation works and this fuels the fishing obsession.

I hope you consider trying to make a few of your own lures and experiencing one more aspect of the sport! 

Friday, April 22, 2011

Why I am a still a vikings fan

This is a bit off topic for the blog but the talks about the NFL drafts have my mind drifting back into football so I had to do a little catching up on my vikings.  As I was skimming through their roster I saw Jared Allen and couldn't help think about how much of a sportsman he is.  For crying out loud he's speared an Elk.  Who does that?  I didn't even know that was legal but I do know that its 100% awesome!!!!  I am hoping the Vikings coaching staff can pull off a miracle and get the team back on track.  I know the Vikes are an aging team and that concerns me.  With a fix at the Qb and a healthy team I still think they can make a run for it.  And for my roommate Zack, just like in the picture J.A. is going to take down the Bears and their wimpy quarterback Jay Cuttler.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


The last time I bought a camera it was 2006 and it still wasn't abnormal to be shooting photos using film.  I no longer take pictures, not because I don't enjoy it but rather because I never think to take my P.O.S. sony cyber shot with me any more.  I have lost interest taking photos because my cyber shot doesn't take quality photos.  

I want to get back into photography and have been turned onto the Nikon d3100 by my friend Ben.  I wanted a video camera for capturing hunting and fishing trips but I also want something that will take quality photos.  So the Nikon d3100 is Ben's proposed solution and as I look into this camera I am in agreement with him.  The d3100 takes great pictures and has the shutter speed that I want to capture the action of the moment.  As cool as the picture quality is with the Nikon d3100 what may be the biggest turn on is that it takes 1080 video.  This sounds like a perfect union.  I am open to ideas about other cameras but I am already forming a heavy bias towards this camera although I have only been looking into it for 5 days

Monday, April 18, 2011


I was at Cabelas the other day browsing their selection of shot guns and rifles.  Just as always, I got my viewing pleasures done as intended, then proceeded to make unintended purchases.  When I left I had a plastic sporting clay thrower, a box of sporting clays and 4 boxes of sporting shells.  It never fails I go to a sports store with intentions of inspecting my planned purchases, so I can compare the product to what the other stores have, but end up leaving with new toys.
I haven't decided which sporting store is the best yet, as Cabelas has a great selection but their prices are always high even in the bargain cave.  Scheels has a better all around outdoor selection than cabelas but as hunting and fishing goes Cabelas has the upper hand.  As I once worked at the Gander Mtn. in Duluth, MN I know plenty about what the company has to offer.  I like gander for their selection of fishing products but the store as a whole is a bit unorganized.  There aren't any bass pro shops near by and I have never been to one but I know they have a great catalog.  If anyone has a reason why one of these sport shops is king please let me know so I stop wasting my time with the other ones.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Extension poles for fishing are dumb

AS I was posting on the blog today I decided to check out some of the videos at the bottom of the blog on my video bar. I have decided that the guy with the 48 ft. extension fishing pole needs to find a more exciting way to catch fish. Yes he actually succeeds in catching fish but they are all tiny sun fish and other pan fish. Sure looks lame to me. where is the sport in posting your over weight butt in a lawn chair and reeling in half pound fish. As a sportsmen the biggest reason I love the outdoors is the thrill and I don't see anything thrilling about dragging in a 48 ft. pole all for a sun fish. The idea of filleting all those sunnys alone is enough to deter me from such a dumb fishing adventure.

Turkey Hunting in the rain

Turkey Hunting in the rain

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bowfishing Carp

Its been some time since I went bowfishing, the last time was on buffalo lake in Minnesota.  We launched my buddy Andrew's14 ft. john boat a couple hours before dusk and set up the 3 foot stand made of 2x4's and ply wood.  From this vantage point and a pair of polarized sunglasses we had a clear view into the shining waters.  Right from the get go we had success, Andrew getting the first shot at the carp as it was his boat and truck we were using.  He set up and drilled carp after carp with his bow.   Then each of us took our turns with more success than failure.  It sounds a bit redneck but bow-fishing carp is a skilled sport and a ton of fun.  I am planning on shooting some carp on the Red River near fargo yet this spring.  Cant wait to get out there, soaking up the sunshine and helping out the rivers eco system.

Friday, April 8, 2011


As anyone knows who starts fly fishing, you grow a burning passion for it and think about it with every river you pass, could I catch something with my fly rod in there?  Living in North Dakota we don't have much for fly-fishing but I am frequently in Minnesota.  I want to find a some spots to hit up this summer in Minnesota, for any type of fly-fishing, so far I have only been fishing for trout but I'm sure it would be intense to hook into some smallies with a fly rod.  I've even heard of people fishing the St. Louis River up by Duluth for Muskies.  How intense of a fight would that be, a Muskie on a fly-rod, anyone who pulls that off deserves some serious kudos.  Fly fishing is a finesse sport and from my experience of muskie fishing it's nothing of the sort.  Anyways its very impressive.  If anyone has good ideas about where a guy should venture out with his waders and fly-rod hit this post up with your knowledge.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Since I plan an getting a rifle I need to find the right scope.  It's always a shame when a guy pulls out a nice gun equipped with a Tasco scope.  I don't plan on being that guy. So whether I end up getting an assault or conventional rifle I would like to hear what scope you are using and a rating for it.  Why do you like it?  does it have great zoom and clarity? does it pick up light well?  and always and important factor are you able to abuse it and have it still work?  And just so you know the scope shown is a red dot scope by

Monday, April 4, 2011


As I am up in Grand Forks, ND the best sport fish for the early season is catfish as they can easily weigh 20+ pounds and are always a fun fight. Its a pretty relaxed activity as well. I don't have a boat up here and in the spring I wouldn't want to navigate all of the debris in the red river anyways so I fish off the shore. Sporting a medium to heavy weight rod and a bait caster reel, I get some large barbed hooks egg sinkers that I hook up 3 ft. up my line and on the end of my hook I use a cut in half sucker minnow. Cast it out there, kick back and relax with your beverage of choice and wait for the action.

Nodak Outdoor Doer


Sunday, April 3, 2011

North Shore Spring fly fishing

This Spring I will be fly fishing on the North Shore of Minnesota a.ka. lester river, french River, and possibly the knife.  I'm wondering if anyone knows when the run is going to be the strongest and what are the preferred lures this spring?