Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bowfishing Carp

Its been some time since I went bowfishing, the last time was on buffalo lake in Minnesota.  We launched my buddy Andrew's14 ft. john boat a couple hours before dusk and set up the 3 foot stand made of 2x4's and ply wood.  From this vantage point and a pair of polarized sunglasses we had a clear view into the shining waters.  Right from the get go we had success, Andrew getting the first shot at the carp as it was his boat and truck we were using.  He set up and drilled carp after carp with his bow.   Then each of us took our turns with more success than failure.  It sounds a bit redneck but bow-fishing carp is a skilled sport and a ton of fun.  I am planning on shooting some carp on the Red River near fargo yet this spring.  Cant wait to get out there, soaking up the sunshine and helping out the rivers eco system.

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