Friday, April 8, 2011


As anyone knows who starts fly fishing, you grow a burning passion for it and think about it with every river you pass, could I catch something with my fly rod in there?  Living in North Dakota we don't have much for fly-fishing but I am frequently in Minnesota.  I want to find a some spots to hit up this summer in Minnesota, for any type of fly-fishing, so far I have only been fishing for trout but I'm sure it would be intense to hook into some smallies with a fly rod.  I've even heard of people fishing the St. Louis River up by Duluth for Muskies.  How intense of a fight would that be, a Muskie on a fly-rod, anyone who pulls that off deserves some serious kudos.  Fly fishing is a finesse sport and from my experience of muskie fishing it's nothing of the sort.  Anyways its very impressive.  If anyone has good ideas about where a guy should venture out with his waders and fly-rod hit this post up with your knowledge.

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