Friday, April 22, 2011

Why I am a still a vikings fan

This is a bit off topic for the blog but the talks about the NFL drafts have my mind drifting back into football so I had to do a little catching up on my vikings.  As I was skimming through their roster I saw Jared Allen and couldn't help think about how much of a sportsman he is.  For crying out loud he's speared an Elk.  Who does that?  I didn't even know that was legal but I do know that its 100% awesome!!!!  I am hoping the Vikings coaching staff can pull off a miracle and get the team back on track.  I know the Vikes are an aging team and that concerns me.  With a fix at the Qb and a healthy team I still think they can make a run for it.  And for my roommate Zack, just like in the picture J.A. is going to take down the Bears and their wimpy quarterback Jay Cuttler.

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