Monday, April 18, 2011


I was at Cabelas the other day browsing their selection of shot guns and rifles.  Just as always, I got my viewing pleasures done as intended, then proceeded to make unintended purchases.  When I left I had a plastic sporting clay thrower, a box of sporting clays and 4 boxes of sporting shells.  It never fails I go to a sports store with intentions of inspecting my planned purchases, so I can compare the product to what the other stores have, but end up leaving with new toys.
I haven't decided which sporting store is the best yet, as Cabelas has a great selection but their prices are always high even in the bargain cave.  Scheels has a better all around outdoor selection than cabelas but as hunting and fishing goes Cabelas has the upper hand.  As I once worked at the Gander Mtn. in Duluth, MN I know plenty about what the company has to offer.  I like gander for their selection of fishing products but the store as a whole is a bit unorganized.  There aren't any bass pro shops near by and I have never been to one but I know they have a great catalog.  If anyone has a reason why one of these sport shops is king please let me know so I stop wasting my time with the other ones.

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