Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Since I plan an getting a rifle I need to find the right scope.  It's always a shame when a guy pulls out a nice gun equipped with a Tasco scope.  I don't plan on being that guy. So whether I end up getting an assault or conventional rifle I would like to hear what scope you are using and a rating for it.  Why do you like it?  does it have great zoom and clarity? does it pick up light well?  and always and important factor are you able to abuse it and have it still work?  And just so you know the scope shown is a red dot scope by

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  1. Well knowing that you want this to be a veristile rife, I would stay away fromt the red dot scopes as the zoom is N/A or very small making long shots at parie Dogs pretty hard. It would be nice to have one for coyote hunting though... I would go with a Leopult (I dont know how to spell that) I know that they sell some that are "tactical" witch has all the fetures that you could want and there is nothing better for clarity and light pick up. But like everything else they are pretty spendy. Just like with the gun, you get what you pay for.