Tuesday, April 19, 2011


The last time I bought a camera it was 2006 and it still wasn't abnormal to be shooting photos using film.  I no longer take pictures, not because I don't enjoy it but rather because I never think to take my P.O.S. sony cyber shot with me any more.  I have lost interest taking photos because my cyber shot doesn't take quality photos.  

I want to get back into photography and have been turned onto the Nikon d3100 by my friend Ben.  I wanted a video camera for capturing hunting and fishing trips but I also want something that will take quality photos.  So the Nikon d3100 is Ben's proposed solution and as I look into this camera I am in agreement with him.  The d3100 takes great pictures and has the shutter speed that I want to capture the action of the moment.  As cool as the picture quality is with the Nikon d3100 what may be the biggest turn on is that it takes 1080 video.  This sounds like a perfect union.  I am open to ideas about other cameras but I am already forming a heavy bias towards this camera although I have only been looking into it for 5 days

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  1. I was a bit itchy today to go look at cameras so I had to make a pit stop at Best Buy during my lunch. I specifically wanted to know what the Nikon d3100 felt like in my hands. I accomplished this but was a bit disappointed when I couldn't turn it on. I really like the features that are offered with the d3100 but found another suitable camera, the NEX-5 made by Sony. The features of the two cameras are very similar but there are a few key differences that I need to look into to find out which camera is right for me since they are very comparable in price. So many decisions