Friday, October 19, 2012

Kickin Northern Minnesota Duck

                  1.  For this recipe it is recommended to have 5 ducks preferably mallard.
                  2. Water Chestnuts (2) cans
                  3.  Jalapenos (1) can "fresh are better but it can be easier to have cans out hunting"
                  4.  2 lbs of thick bacon
                  5.  Worcestershire sauce (2) bottles
                  6.  Soy Sauce  (2) bottles
                  7.  Perdue chicken seasoning
                  7.  skewer sticks
                  8.  Charcoal


Slice duck breasts to 1/2" thick
cut bacon into half lengths
stack one of each, the duck, chestnuts, and jalapeno together and wrap with a half piece of bacon

slide onto skewers, sprinkle with seasoning and lay them into the bath or soy and Worcestershire sauce

marinade for a couple hours  then layover charcoal grill and ENJOY!!!

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