Tuesday, December 14, 2010

North Dakota Coyote Hunting

This is a coyote shot by Kyle Jakubiec when we were out duck hunting in central North Dakota.  If any one has any good coyotes hunting stories I would like to hear them.  And also if you have any good coyote hunting tips those are also encouraged.

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  1. Redneck version- Most of my coyote "hunting" stories involve jacked up pickups and bad shots. I have seen these dogs run for miles and miles continually outsmarting those chasing. In this situation, we would drive a long the river bottoms early in the morning hoping to catch one out. I was using a .223 bolt action when I first started, now the weapon of choice seems to be a AR-15 with 20 round click for this style of hunting. It seems we are able to get get very close to them. Although ridicuous, this is a pretty common style of hunting yotes in North Dakota, or any animal for that matter. Mainly due to the cold weather, it can be brutal to call coyotes when it is -20.

    In the area I hunt, many people use different calls in different hilly areas to call them in. I know people who have had great success at it, taking down 50+ yotes a year.

    While it may not be true hunting driving around, it still can be a lot of fun for everyone involved. One minute your listening to the Vikings getting kicked on a Sunday, and the next second your buddy spots a coyote coming out of a cattail slough and its on.